Building Better Connections with our Kids



“How do I connect with my daughter? She flat-out ignores me these days.”

“My son and I used to be best mates. Our connection was strong. Now I’ve got no idea how to engage with him.”

“You keep saying I need to connect, connect, connect. But I’m so tired and it’s so hard. Anyway, the kids don’t even want to connect.”

For years, Dr Justin Coulson has reminded parents that “just like dollars are the currency of our economy, connection is the currency of our relationships.” But what does a good connection look like? And why is connection so important for both parents and children? Plus, what are parents supposed to do if their child doesn’t want to connect… or doesn’t know how to connect?

This 60-minute webinar is all about helping you rediscover the keys to connection within your family. You’ll find out:

  • Why connection matters for resilience, motivation, and wellbeing
  • How to connect with children who’s resistant
  • Why connection matters most when times are toughest, and
  • The power of connection to heal even the most challenging relationships 
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