The Little People, Big Feelings Summit
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The Little People, Big Feelings Summit

When your little ones battle their big feelings, it can be hard to know how to help them. In this summit, you’ll find out how experts around the world do it.

I completed the Little People, Big Feelings Summit and it has changed my little families life! No more tantrums I can’t diffuse.


Raising little people can be tough...They have big feelings. A lot. About everything.

They have BIG feelings about bedtime, mealtime, bath time, and potty time. They have big feelings about going to kinder or pre-school. They have big feelings about who reads them a story at night. Sometimes they even have big feelings about playtime – especially when it ends.

But what are we supposed to do when our child is having big feelings and losing the plot or going off their rocker?

Most of our responses – no matter how well-intended – can make things worse. We tell them to stop it, calm down, cut it out… and instead, they get worse! We send them to their room, take away the iPad, promise them whatever they want… it all backfires. Dealing with little people’s big emotions (and challenging behaviours) in the middle of an outburst feels almost impossible!

The tricky thing is that much of our children’s challenging behaviour (and our feeling that they’re not resilient) has less to do with what we’re seeing, and more to do with the big emotions they’re feeling that we’re unsure what to do with.

That then spills over as we have big feelings (and a big reaction) about their big feelings… and unfortunately, we sometimes become the parent we hoped we’d never be.

The Little People, Big Feelings Summit brings together some of the world’s most celebrated parenting experts to give you a powerful, jargon-free guide to teaching children to understand and regulate their emotional world, and to help you regulate yours when things get a little rocky. 

In this summit, we’ve handpicked a small selection of the best experts from Australia and the US. They’ll be your guides. And they’ll go slow enough to give you exactly what you need to work with your little people on their big feelings.

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